So I have to ask...
What are the intentions of this community?  What should or should not be discussed here?  I LOVE the idea of having a hot MILFs community, but what are we doing here?  Just posting hot pics?  Is there going to be a main topic of discussion we should stick to?  Are man allowed to join.. Because, honestly, though I love being looked at, I don't really like the idea of horny, lonely old men sitting at home wacking themselves while looking at me.   Without any real guidelines, I think it it'll end up being a pretty trashy community.  (that's evenif it gets up and going)  So.. thoughts anybody??

Your Measurments: 34d-28-34

Sexual Fanties: Gangbang sex in latex with Bukake finish

# of partners: lost count years ago

Favorite Sexual Positon Double Penetrated laying back, spread eagle.

Craziest Place you have had sex: Booth at a night club

Females please answer
Females your Entry to this Community Consists of the following:

Your Measurments:

Sexual Fanties:

# of partners:

Favorite Sexual Positon

Craziest Place you have had sex:

Also 1 non nude and 1 nude pic showing off ur assests!

(no subject)
We are looking for any MILFS in Michigan, does not matter were, but all that matters is that they are MILFS and can prove it and does not have a problem showing off what hey got.

What part of Michigan?
I grew up in Holland, and I look forward to viewing Hot Michigan MILFs.


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